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All Major Scales Playlists/Videos

These playlists contain videos of all of the major and minor scales and their fingering, review these videos if you are having trouble with the fingering but also make sure to write all fingerings down for yourself! Writing something down that you want to remember helps your memory of the knowledge you want to learn or memorize!


This playlist contains an explanatory video at the beginning for scales and then all of the major and minor scales. Parents and teens should watch the first explanatory video and students can watch too but it is rather long and I will go over the first videos information throughout lessons in a ways for whatever age of student you are to understand.


Quick videos of all major scales and fingering.


I will be looking for a better playlist or video for all of the natural minor scales at another time but for now this playlist will do. Watch the hands to follow the fingerings but for now just ask me in lessons and I will give you the fingerings!

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