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Great Modern Piano Music

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

This will be a posting of many modern piano pieces and music videos that I think are amazing, some will be slow tempo but intricate and intense while others will be exciting and fast! For now I'll keep updating on this post for everyone to see but I may hit a character limit in the website with too many links but for now enjoy!


Piano Guys!!

One of my favorite modern artists, the piano guys are four dads who came together to make and produce music. One is a pianist, one is a cellist, one is the videographer/producer, and then the other is the music producer who all came together to make music and have become extremely popular in the last few years. Here is the link to the artists's YouTube channel and a list of some of my favorites!

My favorites- Batman, Frozen, What Makes You Beautiful (Very fun!!), Star Wars, Perfect, Jurassic Park, Kung Fu Piano, Code name Vivaldi, and This is Your Fight Song.


Ludovic Einaudi

Great composer for piano with slow but powerful music for the most part. Great music for studying or opening your repertoire to more basic intervals but powerful harmonies.

Some of my favorites- Nuvole Bianche, I Giorni, Divenire, and Fly.



A South Korean/British pianist who was composed many beautiful and ornamented pieces of piano music. A wonderful pianist whose created many pieces with technically challenging elements that create very beautiful music. One you may have actually heard that has become very popular is The River Flows in You!

Other favorites of mine are- Kiss the Rain and May Be.

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