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Comedy Music/Piano Music!

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

This post will include my favorite musical comedy groups and for anyone reading this I highly suggest following or subscribing or at least simply watch a bunch of their videos!! Enjoy!!


Igudesman and Joo

So these two musicians are highly skilled and classically trained and they perform hilarious skits involving the music itself, crazy methods, or sometimes special effects and even dancing! They are my all time favorite and pretty much why I made this post!

Here is the link to your channel and you must watch the river dancing, piano lessons, and rachmaninoff had big hands videos! It's likely I'll already have shown any students the Piano lesson video but the others are just as great


Two Set Violin

These are two very high level classically trained violinists who make funny and entertaining videos while still demonstrating their love and passion for music.

My favorite is how violin techniques were invented and a friend's all time favorite is the worlds fastest (and most inaccurate) violinist. But don't take my word for it they have loads of videos!


The Mozart Group

I recently found them and honestly have only seen a few of their videos but it's a quartet of highly trained string musicians with classical music and different comedic elements. It's a little bit slower paced from what I've seen so far but I think adults will enjoy these videos and there are definitely some for kids!

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