Level of Students Guide

Dependent on the students level of ability there will be different standards and requirements for the students to keep.  Practicing is essential for musicians, lessons are not the place for a student to be learning their assigned music.  The amount of practicing that a musician needs increases as their ability improves.  Here is a list of what I will require of all students at different levels!
*If student is too busy or unable to meet practice goals exemptions can be made, do not worry!*

Beginner Pianist

Fun introductory lessons! Learn basic piano technique and notation!

The beginner pianist is one who has little to no experience playing piano.  There is no particular practice requirement for those in my beginner lessons, just however much you can practice is great! Be ready to enjoy the instrument  and learn to have fun with it!

Intermediate Pianist

Those with some experience and determination!

Intermediate lessons are for those students who have demonstrated the ability to play most white key scales and arpeggios, basic sight reading skills, and the student should have one or two fully developed classical pieces.  As an intermediate level piano student with me you will be required to practice at least three times a week for a half an hour each day. I will make final determination regarding the level of the students’ abilities and which lessons are needed. These lessons will focus on skills and technical abilities while working towards more advanced piano pieces! The lessons will still of course be fun and enjoyable; the level of expectation is just higher!

Advanced Pianist

Those who want to bring their abilities to the next level!

An advanced pianist can play all major scales and arpeggios, demonstrate strong dexterity and sight reading skills, and have at least three to four fully developed classical pieces.  At this level students will work with me to further their technical skills with minor and chromatic scales and advanced Hanon exercises.  Students will work to further develop larger and more complex pieces of music.  Students in my  advanced lessons will be required to practice for at least one hour a day, four days a week, and arrangements can be made if the practice time becomes too much.

Lesson Prices

Rates are regardless of level or ability and are not subject to change. I do advise that younger students only 30 or 45 minute lessons based on their attention span. Contact me to discuss lesson times!

30 Minute Lessons

45 Minute Lessons

Full 1 Hour Lessons

Piano Tuning


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