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Lesson Prices

Rates are regardless of level or ability and are not subject to change. I do advise that younger students only 30 or 45 minute lessons based on their attention span. Contact me to discuss lesson times!

Virtual lesson prices are during COVID 19 and after if you'd wish to continue in that form.

*Prices are always subject to change due to demand or other variables*

(Not Currently Applicable due to COVID 19)

Piano Tuning

Virtual Lessons

30 Minute Lessons


45 Minute Lessons


60 Minute Lessons


In Person Lessons


30 Minute Lessons

45 Minute Lessons


60 Minute Lessons


What You Will Learn

Music Notation

Learn to accurately read and play any sheet music notation including music notes, articulations, dynamics, and fingerings. Begin to read music notation like it's another language and how to properly sight read any piece of music with practice and dedication.


Technical Abilities

Learn to play all major and minor scales and arpeggios along with many Hanon related exercises for hand dexterity. Learn interesting styles and tricks to better navigate the keys. Learn how to understand tension and posture with your body and how that can affect your playing ability.

Sheet Music Close Up

Music Theory and Music History

During lessons the student will learn basic to advanced music theory especially as it to pertains to piano repertoire.  Music history will also be taught with information involving different piano composers, periods of classical music, and styles of music.

Someone Reading Sheet Music

Learn Discipline

Students will be required to practice a certain amount of time a week based on their level and age.  Determination and hard work are key to strengthening any and every craft.  In this area I hope to show students that with hard work they can do anything they want in life! 

"I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it."

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